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Note Eyebrow Master Wax


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It shapes the eyebrows with its special brush.

It provides ease of use.

It has fast fixing feature.

Provides long-lasting durability.

Contains a special formula that prevents eyebrow loss.

It is colorless.

Thanks to the eyebrow stabilizer, you don't have to worry about your eyebrows that you shape perfectly in your make-up will change afterward! It's up to you to create the expression you want with the eyebrow stabilizer. The important thing is that the eyebrow look you want depends on getting the same efficiency not only during make-up but throughout the day. It is possible to protect the fresh, sharp or meaningful eyes you have created for long hours with eyebrow stabilizer. Eyebrows shaped with a special brush that provides easy use are ready to accompany you all day long. With its formula that prevents your eyebrows from falling out, you will make sure that your eyebrows look beautiful and are nourished at the same time. Eyebrow stabilizer and eyebrow shaping wax is waiting to meet your eyebrows. If you do not want to be indifferent to this invitation, add the product to your cart and it will be delivered to your door with one click!

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